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Atrium Cafe, Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel, Mother's Day Food Preview (Buffet)

Last week, I was invited for Mother's Day food preview at The Atrium Cafe in Pyramid Tower Hotel. The first thing I noticed about this cafe is the spaciousness of it and moving around the food counter is such a breeze. I wish I had my roller blades with me, so that I can zoom from one food counter to another real fast! Ha ha ha

There are also different sections to cater for your choice of dining atmosphere. The sections nearest to the entrance are brightly lit; a round middle section is suitable for family dining in and a quiet, romantic & cozy location at the far end corner.

The café is gearing up for Mother’s Day Celebration on 8th May 2011, in which, rock legend Rod Stewart lookalike and impersonator, Rob Caudill would be serenading mothers with a wide repertoire of songs.

Momma, lets Rock On with Rod Stewart!

Here are some of the food photos and review.

Bright sitting area near the reception

The round mid section

If Mom loves to party, you can book a table like this one; with all the party goodies and balloons!
Yo, Mom, lets party.........
If mom is figure conscious (or wants to be slim like me), she can starts her meal with green healthy salad!
The salad starters section
If moms loves to gaduh -gaduh (fight).....opps its Gado Gado lah (LOL), then she can have this for starters...

Gado gado
 If mom is a vegetarian, she can try out these juicy vegetarian drumsticks.....
Vegetarian siew ngor (roast goose) drumsticks.
If mom wants to party on till night, this Oxtail soup could get her going non-stop! Power leh! LOL!
Oxtail soup, good to warm up the body! Keep mom going strong!
If mom is into Western fare....these are for her
This is my favourite, Grilled lamb cutlet. Taste good with the mint sauce.

Slow baked potato. Ate some of these. Nicely done and quite flavourtul!

Salmon fillet with Citrus Butter Sauce.

Stir fried brocolli
If mom is a 'Mamak stall kaki'......then she can have these with plain/garlic naan or nasi biryani

Mushroom Hara Piaz. Had this with the nasi biryani, nice!

Lamb Biryani. Nice aroma!

Aloo Jeera (Indian Potato stew with spices) . Love the tender potato!
If mom is into seafood and Chinese cooking.........
Prawn meat with chilli and casher nuts

Stewed Beancurd with Assorted Mushroom

This is my all time favourite, Roast Duck.....mmmmm, nicely marinated

 Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Salted Egg Yolk. A nice and yummy combination.

Udang percik. Creamy and spicy....taste.good with my biryani

If mom is still not satisfied and wants some hawker food, then she can check out this noodle section. The Wantan Mee is really good!

If mom is a meat eater like me, she can go for this nicely roasted and tender beef! 

Roast Beef with rosemary potato wedges
Mom don't eat beef? Nevermind, she can have Chicken Kebab with pita bread!
Chicken Kebab

Mom wanna go Italian? She can check out this pasta station...
Pasta and spaghetti with various selections of sauces
Mom needs to take something soft? No worries, she can have porridge with a wide selection of condiments!

Mom has sweet tooth? She can 'raid' the dessert section like what I did! he he he
Cones with custard fillings, nicely arranged on Sunway icon, the Pyramid!

Jelly and custards in long glasses

I love the strawberry cream!
All the lovey dovey cakes for Momma!

Mom is into Nyonya food after watching the Little Nyonya series? Or maybe she is a Straits Born desendent (Baba and Nyonya) like me. Plenty of Nyonya kuih are available for her to choose from.

Pulut Inti wrapped in banana leaves.

Kuih Talam  with nice Pandan leaves aroma

Sweet kuih lapis

Onde onde with gula Melaka fillings

Kuih Ketayap with sweet and creamy brown sugar & grated coconut fillings

Pulut Tai Tai with nice and creamy Serikaya
Mom loves fruits? There is a wide array of fruits available, with nice carvings too! Mom would loves the photo below!

Mom loves sweet, creamy ice cream? There are five flavours to choose from. My favourite dessert! I hang out near the ice cream freezer after finishing the main course....ha ha ha!

These are some of the yummy food I ate..........
Started off with thousand island dressed salad

Then I hopped over to the roast beef counter for some nice and tender cuts of meat! How's my food arrangement skill? LOL!

Some of the main course dishes I had. Didn't arrange the food on this plate because there are customer waiting in line behind me...LOL!

So, remember to bring your mom here on the 8th of May 2011, details of the event as follows

Theme : World's Greatest Rod Stewart Tribute Artist To Entertain Mum's 'LIVE' at Atrium Cafe

Date : Mother's Day, Sunday, 8th May 2011

Venue : Atrium Cafe, Lobby Level at the Pyramid Tower Hotel, Bandar Sunway, Selangor

Time : Hi Tea will be served from 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm

Price : RM98++ per adult, 50% off for children aged 12 years and below, 10% off for group bookings of 10 persons or more.

Ticket purchases can be made at Atrium Cafe's Mother's Day Box Office or via myticket.asia

For Enquiries, call ++60 3 7495 1888

I would like to thank lovely blogger, Rebecca for inviting me for this preview and our lovely host, Miss Virgillia Lee. I had a great time trying out the pre mother’s day wide selection of food and also catching up with friendly Foodie gang: Timing, Eric, Jason, Andrew, Thule & J.


Alice Law said...

The grilled lambs look great, drooling at the desserts liao!^^

Small Kucing said...

Foods looks like normal buffet. Everything like very filling. I confess, am old already. Cant eat much. If I go there, most probably will wallop the Roast Duck and Beef . LOL

suituapui said...

The works out to over RM100!! Pengsan! No, thank you... Can't possibly eat so much, especially old people...and hotel food - you eat one, you eat it all, more or less the same.

P.S. Wah! You VIP now kah? Get invited to such reviews *envy!!

Christine said...

wow thanks for the tour Pete, it was a real treat!

Hayley said...

Wow, so much food! ^^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Wow, so good, can go for food preview...

Sheoh Yan said...

I am attracted by the nyonya kuih, I love dessert the most when I go for buffet.

Little Kit Boy said...

Wow...it looks like they have almost everything and mommies can really enjoy all the food from A to Z. Very detail review, Pete :)

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

ohsonice! u also joined Rebecca for this! :D i want all the desserts! lmao

mNhL said...

Love how they arranged the cones! Wah...roller coaster somemore hahaha...

reanaclaire said...

I will go for the desserts! but for 98rm.. i think i consider first.. :)

foongpc said...

OMG! I want the onde onde and kuih ketayap! Drooling!!

Juliana said...

Wow, wow and wow...you got me hungrier and hungrier as I went through the pictures. Hope you have a great week ahead :-)

Annie Q said...

Food spread look very good! Mother's day...hmmm..should i get my boys to buy me this as Mother's Day?

JoinMe said...

Hi Pete,
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on JoinMe.com.my, thanks.
P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.


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