Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coffeeshop Talk with My American Friend – Ah Beng & 1Malaysian Email

One morning at Ah Lian’s Kopitiam……

John : How many emails addresses do you have, Pete?

Pete : Three. Two personal and one company email.

John : You are going to have another one soon. Looks like every Malaysian citizen above 18 is going to get one email address each very soon.

Pete : Ya I know. I heard that some guys are launching a protest in Facebook against this plan.

Then Ah Beng and Ah Lian joined in ……

Ah Beng (Chicken Rice stall owner) : Hey hey hey, now I am at par with both you guys lah! Mmmmmmm…I wonder whether they allow me to put my email address as Then I can have Facebook account…….maybe user name as The Jinjang Chicken King. Good publicity for my chicken rice stall leh!

Ah Lian : Woit Ah Beng, stop dreaming lah! Your house doesn’t even have broadband line and computers leh. How to access your email? You know email use for what meh?

Ah Beng : What ! Sure know lah! I can send email to everyone in Malaysia to advertise my chicken rice stall leh. Imagine I can reach 27 million Malaysians with my email leh! Wah, fatt tatt (rich) lorrrr!

Pete : Hey Ah Beng, like that you are creating Spam mail liao! Your account will sure be banned.

John : Chicken King? Ha ha ha, the morning chicken rice one or the ‘night prowling at dark alleys one’? Ah Beng, I am impressed with your knowledge about Facebook and emails. Where did you learn it from?

Ah Beng : Aiya, you don’t know meh? During Cheng Beng (Tomb Sweeping Day, Pure Bright Day), the guy running the prayers paraphernalia shop told me to buy the latest paper modems, routers, Hellunifi subscription, HelliPhone and paper notebook. Some more ah, he thought me how to connect them up before burning so that my ancestors can use the Hellband instantly and go online. This prayer set also comes with a User Manual in Chinese. I took a look at the user manual….so now I am expert in Hellspace, er …no lah,.Cyberspace gadgets liao!
Now my ancestors can also join the Join ChurpChurp Race  also from down under! Ha ha ha!

Ah Lian : Beng, don’t bluff lah, I know you always go to the Internet Café at night to chit chat with your China doll gurlfrens (girlfriends).

Ah Beng : shhhhhh, my wife hear this, I habis (finished)!

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[SK] said...

no, i don't want that email account!!

haha, yeah, Ah Beng is right.. the afterworld has gone very techy now with all those latest gadgets.. :)

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Three emails? You gotta be kidding! Hahaha! Actually I have two. But the other one is not active.

Anyway, interesting chat you guys had there. Hahaha!

suituapui said...

Oh? So you go cyber cafe chitchat with your China doll eh? Hmmmm...bocor rahsia dah! LOL!!!

Hayley said...

China doll girlfriends, hahaha :D
I have 3 email addresses too, 2 personal and 1 company *wink*

Yvonne said...

I don't want extra email.... so many accounts, can't remember all. Already having 3 personal and 1 company email, not forgetting those mischievous accounts which require log-in.

Ah Beng is so funny. Not bad wer, he's very tech savvy, lol!

Sheoh Yan said...

lol! Did you share your Ah Beng, Ah Lian and John there for the benefit number 6 of mango? Ask them to do a test and let me know. Can?

Quay Po Cooks said...

Aiyoh, Ah Beng, forgot to burn China dolls for his ancestor to chit chat with lor. hehe

lena said...

my personal email account is good enough, i dont think i need another one at the moment..

Alice Law said...

Your 'coffee mates' sure never fail to entertain you!;D

mNhL said...

hahaha.....the hellband for the ancestors sounds cool.


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