Sunday, April 18, 2010

Creamy Prawns Curry Recipe

You can’t really go wrong when cooking prawn curry as long as your get the spiciness, aroma and saltiness right. The natural sweetness of prawns makes the curry nice and flavourful. It is best to cook curry prawns with the shell intact and also with some creamy coconut milk (santan). I prefer to use long beans but I only have okra in my fridge so I have to make do with this vegetable. Since I have some tau pok (fried bean curd) sitting in the freezer, I just throw them in as well. The spongy liked tau pok would soak up all the nice curry gravy.....mmmmm, yum yum! Check out my curry prawn recipe!

Prawns, 400 gms
Shallots, 5 pcs
Serai (lemongrass), 1 pc
Curry powder, ½ cup, add water to make a paste
Chilly powder, 3 table spoons. add water to make a paste
Fenugreek, 1 teaspoon
Okra (lady fingers), 7 pcs
Tofu pok (optional), 5 pcs
Curry leaves (optional), 3 stalks
Santan (coconut milk), from 1 coconut
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste

Put serai and shallots in a blender. Blend until they are fine. Heat up wok and add in around 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Fry serai (lemongrass) and shallots mixture until fragrant. Add in the fenugreek, curry paste, curry leaves and chilly paste. Stir it for a short while and pour in the santan. Add a little water if the mixture is too dry. Throw in the prawns and okra. Bring to a boil and add tofu pok. Add salt to taste and a little sugar.


gaga said...

I totally agree, you can't go wrong with prawn curry. Great job, it looks mouth watering.

manglish said...

i love love love love the tofu pok...hahha

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Good day Pete !

I deleted my first comment because there were too many spelling mistakes.

Wow Pete! you surely know how to cook. You are the opposite of me. I am lazy to cook, but once I cook, my wife will always say that my cooking is delicious. Maybe she wants to encourage me to cook more at home, although my cooking tasted poor...hahahaha or maybe she thought that it is romantic for a husband to cook or maybe? I am really a good cook. Hahahaha... I am sure you are good at cooking too right?

I did accidentally cooked curry prawn myself but without the okra and tofu. I guess that was a last minute cooking. However, unlike you, I dislike the shell covering the prawn. I will usually take off the shell because, i find it irritating to eat with it.

After reading your post, maybe i should cook curry prawn tonight. Waht do you think?

suituapui said...

More tofu pok than prawns. Hehehehe!

peteformation said...

Gaga : Sweet sweet prawn curry!

Manglish : Can get tofu pok over there?

Willie : Hah, good that you cook too....maybe post some of your cooking next time. The prawn shells have lots of flavours in it that will seep into the curry gravy. It is better to leave the shell intact when cooking. Cheers Bro.

STP : ha ha, actually all the prawns sink to the bottom...., I have to scoop it and put on the top of the tofu pok....LOL!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

MY son loves to eat prawns so we cook them now and again. I just bought some frozen prawns from Kota Kinabalu airport. They are the type for steaming, yellow variety.

Pete said...

Keats : The ones from KK are very fresh and succulent...woooo, nice!

ICook4Fun said...

Pete, I really like this type of curry. Quick and easy to cook. I wish my husband can cook like you. Then I can fold up my apron and goyang kaki :)

molly said...

My cooking is tasteless. Less oil, less salt, less sauce unless I am cooking for a party (small party lah), then I will add in more salt, sauce etc... otherwise how, nobody will eat.

Pete said...

Icook4fun : ha ha, goyang kaki.....dapat makan kari, I also want....LOL!

Molly : Wah, healthy cooking.....better, sometimes I added too much salt.

Suhaina said...

I LOVE THIS CURRY VERY MUCH. Urs is a very simple preparation. I will try this. I like the ladies finger addition.

Mommy Ling said...

yumm..i always love tau fu pok in curry.

wendyywy @ Table for 2 or more..... said...

Some brinjal with this will be real good.
When I was a kid, I used to drink up the vege curry gravy like soup.

Ayie said...

yumyum...i want thios dish!!


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