Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ban Chien Kueh (Chinese Pancakes with Ground Peanuts, sugar and Margarine)

One wok of Ban Chien Kuih, cut into 6 pcs. Only 5 pcs left when I took this picture because my daughter already ate one piece.
There are many versions of Ban Chien Kueh (Penang Hokkien name). One of my favourite stall is located in Kepong Baru Morning Wet Market. The owner of the stall cooks around 5 woks of ban chien kueh at one go and it takes a great skill to make sure all are cooked well. Her daughter will take order and cut the Ban Chien Kueh for customers. I buy the BCK from this stall because it comes with a generous amount of ground peanuts and the taste is good. A wok cost RM3.20. There are two types available; thin crispy crusts or thick non crispy crust. I normally buy the latter. Location of the Ban Chien Kueh Stall (Chinese Pancakes)


foongpc said...

I love this kueh! I also like the thicker, non crispy variety. And I like it when it's still warm. Yummy!!

Pete said...

fooongpc : I love the thicker ones too. Yummy!

Kikey Loo said...

totally can't find any ban chien kueh in US..

Anonymous said...

Pete, you see la, owez show authentic malaysioan food.... poor Kikey lives in US, have no way to find them :-P

I like the crispy ones, t5hough... yummy, *crunch, crunch*

eugene said...

ban chian kueh reminds me of the good ole days,when small we were poor,craved for BCK but will have to wait untill dad had some spare catch baru boleh makan.

thank for taking me back in time

Josephine said...

a.k.a "Dai Gao Mein" (big piece face) lol!

Monica said...

I haven't eaten this for a long time!!

btw, you've been tagged here

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just bought that! I prefer the paper thin crispy 40 sen each. Cheap of nor like dat? Aren't they called Apam Balik?


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