Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quickie Ee Mee (Egg Noodles) Recipe – Halal

I cooked this ee mee (dried egg noodles) as supper for my kids recently. It was quite late at night, passed my kids’ bed time, so I had to cook something simple and quick!

Ingredients Ee Mee, 1 block
Water, 1 big bowl (2 large rice bowls)
Garlic, 5 pcs, chopped into small pieces
Egg, 1 pc Black Soya Sauce, 1 tea spoon
Light soya sauce, 1 table spoon
Pepper, ¼ teaspoon Prawn, 5 pcs
Corn Flour (or Tapioca flour), 3 table spoons mixed with a little bit of cold water
Salt to taste
Sesame oil, ½ teaspoon
Chicken meat (optional), 10 small pieces
Black Vinegar (optional), 2 table spoons (don’t add this if you do not like the sour taste)
Vegetable (Sawi), (optional)

Sautéed garlic in 2 tablespoon of oil until fragrant. Add prawn and chicken meat. Stir for a short while. Add water. Bring to a boil. Then add black soya sauce, light soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil. Put in the ee mee. Thicken the soup with corn flour. Beat the eggs and slowly pour into the soup while stirring it. Add vegetable and salt to taste. Add vinegar before serving.


Anonymous said...

LOL... My husband loves this very much! I used to cook this for him, but these days, I'm too lazy to hunt down ee mee... I use the maggie seasoning for flavour, tho.

CRIZ LAI said...

I see that you don't normally use oyster sauce in your cooking but the color for the noodles is just right. When is another cook out? I might consider flying over. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cantonese fried noodles except you do not deep fry the noodles first. Must be delicious! I just simply love noodles...

eunice said...

I like ee mee! I will surely buy the dry noodle, vinegar and sesame oil for my next grocery trip!!

Angie said...

sure your kids grow very well.
dad cook them supper with love wo...

Chris said...

I used to love ee mee last time but now so so only.

Pete said...

Cleff : Aiyo, to much maggi mee can make hair drop lorrr, like mine.

Criz : Ha Ha, no problem. I normally don't use oyster sauce because it contain a lot of unnatural flavouring.

STP : Deep fried will taste nicer but wanna be quick so just 'hentam' everthing in to the soup. Ha Ha LOL

Eunice : Black vinegar will make it more tasty.

Angie : But my kids are very skinny lorr. Don't know why leh?

Chris : Adding black vineger will make you want to eat more.... ha ha.

Angie said...

then feed them more good food.
haha...u also kampong boy wo.Not only i am kampong girl.
but really open my eyes n mouth big big when saw Carrefour petrol station..

Indrani said...

I know to make simple noodles with simple variations, this one looks simple too. May be I can try this out.

Kikey Loo said...

when i read the ingredients, not very easy though.. :p

eugene said...

bro,next time you come to penang,let me know,i take you one nice place to savour ee mee. treat from me.

Pete said...

angie : Ha Ha, open mouth big big.

Indrani : this type of ee mee noodle alone already is quite tasty. Happy trying.

kikey : Ha ha, some are optional.

Eugene : Bro, thks for the invitation. Will do. Cheers!


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