Sunday, November 16, 2008

Three of my Favourite Hawker Stalls at Great Wellesley Food Court, Taman Chai Leng, Prai

This food court is located at the former Chai Leng Park Great Wellesley cinema. It is actually an extension of the cinema building. The three stalls that serve my favourite food are the curry mee, tua pan (wat tan hor in Cantonese, braised fried kueh teow) and char kueh teow. I ‘tar pau’ these for my late night supper when I was back in Butterworth recently. Curry Mee I have been eating the curry mee from this stall for the last 28 years. The owner of the stall has since passed away and his wife took over the business. I have acquired the taste of the curry mee from this stall and it is a must have whenever I go back to Butterworth! It is the best I had so far!

Tua Pan This is hor fun Cantonese style and in Penang we call it tua pan because the kueh teow that we used are wider than the normal hor fun. The tua pan in Penang is real tasty because the hor fun is fried to perfection in hot iron wok and the starchy soup is yummy

Char Kueh Teow This is Mr. Eng’s Char Kueh Teow that I featured in my post

Great Wellesley (Used to be a cinema) Food court Jalan Kurau,13700, Taman Chai LengPeraiPenang. GPS Latitude 5°23'5.66"N Longitude 100°23'33.28"EOpen : 7pm to 12 midnight. Map To Great Wellesley Food Court, Chai Leng Park, Prai

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Anonymous said...

Bought the dried kway teow from The Store in Sungai Petani and cooked it yesterday. Will feature in my blog one of these days...but not the same lah! The kway teow tasted like those packet egg noodles! Haiz! Miss Penang char kway teow.

P.S. 28 years? How old are you? Why I see ur photo like 16 years old only? Must be a very old photograph! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, actually, there's alot of food in Chai leng park. When i was in high school, sometimes i hang around there for some CKT or a bowl of laksa with friends.

Kikey Loo said...

tua pan look good wor.. :)

minchow said...

Wow! This brings back memories! I remember eating here when I was a kid, but probably when it was just starting up with a couple of stalls and not the big food court it is now.

Pete said...

STP : Looking forward to your dried kway teow recipe. Ha Ha, I am old already larrr! Photo taken January 08. LOL

Cleff : Ya, CLP got a lot of nice food. Many of the old hawkers have since retired. Ha ha, I am getting old already also, sigh! LOL

kikey : Tua pan, my favourite. Nothing beats Penang Tua pan, Yummy!

550mlJOF : Thks for visiting. Hah, u grew up in B'worth also?

foongpc said...

Have never been there. Thanks for sharing : )