Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Simple Chicken Kurma Recipe – Halal

Prepacked kurma curry powder is available off the shelf and I normally use Adabi brand for my chicken kurma. It is quite easy to cook kurma and here is the simple recipe: - Ingredients Kurma Curry powder, 25gms, add water and make into paste Chicken, 500gms, cut into large chunks Onions, 2pcs, cut into four Cinnamon stick, 1 pcs Serai (lemongrass), 2 pcs, bashed Tomato, 2pcs, cut into four Carrots, 1 pc, cut into cubes Potato, 2 large pcs, cut into large chucks Dried chillies, 3pcs (optional) Dark soya sauce, ½ teaspoon Salt to taste Water, 1 bowl Vegetable oil, 3 table spoons Sauteed onions and serai in 3 table spoons of oil until fragrant. Add cinnamon stick and dried chillies. Stri fry for a while. Add kurma curry paste and fry the mixture until fragrant. Then add chicken and potato. Add 1 bowl of water and boil over slow fire until the potato turn soft. Add tomato, carrot, dark soya sauce and salt to taste.


Josephine said...

You are really GENG!

I speechless d.

Angie said...

wanna to ask u..r u the chef at home or your wife????

Anonymous said...

Kurma is one thing I can't I use the pre-packed stuff. Can't remember the brands I've used but they're all nice...but pale. I like kurma with a darker shade of greenish grey.

Pete said...

Josephine : Aiya paiseh lah, I use only kurma curry powder like cooking curry chicken lorr!

Angie : I do all the cooking at home and she is the headmistress, make sure my kids study and do their homework, ha ha LOL.

STP : To get the dark shade greenish grey colour add dark soya sauce and little kunyit powder (turmeric). Happy trying! Cook with lamb, yummy lorr!


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