Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jokes - My American Friend Eats Balitong (A Type of Shellfish)

After having his first taste of Balitong, John (not his real name) got hooked. We went to this restaurant that serve seafood in Telok Gong, Westport for our dinner one day..........

Boss (Restaurant owner) : Sir, eat rice or eat noodles?

Me : Rice. What is your signature dish?

Boss : Our specialties are Marmite Crab, Curry Fish Head, Fish Maw Noodle, Deep Fried Senangin, Assam Prawn and Chili Balitong(Siput Sedut, a type of longish shellfish, scientific name is Cerithidea obtusa)

Me : Ok, you give me Assam Prawn, Marmite Crab and Fried Kailan. John, you want to add anything?

John : Boss, I heard your Balitong is big and nice. I want to suck some Balitong tonight! Upon hearing that, the owner and everyone in the restaurant burst into laughter!

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Anonymous said...

This guy and an American friend wanted free beer, so they agreed that after drinking at a pub, he would take out a sausage and the American friend would suck it like they were doing a blowjob...and they would get thrown out of the pub, no need to pay.

So they went and everything was going on as planned. After a few pubs, the guy said he had enough and wanted sonething to eat as he was hungry. The American friend said just eat the sausage...and the guy replied, "The sausage? I was hungry already at the 1st pub we went to and so I ate it!"

eunice said...

omg haha great sucker here. =P


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