Friday, November 28, 2008

Jokes|My American Friend Meets Ah Beng and Ah Lian|Shoot The Bird

My American friend, John was at the local coffee shop for his morning breakfast. Ah Beng is the waiter there.

Ah Beng : Gud (good) morning, Jony boy, what to drink arrr?

John : Good morning Ah Beng, give me one coffee and one set of butter toast. Where is Ah Lian? I didn’t see her this morning.

Ah Beng : Oh, Ah Lian, in hospital, eye operate lah!

John : Ohhh, what happen to her eyes?

Ah Beng : You know lah, her eye ahhhh , “shoot the bird”

John : What, her eyes “Shoot the bird” ?????? How to shoot bird with our eyes? MBPJ crows hunter shot her eyes is it?

Ah Beng : No no no! Her eyes, one go here, one go there, like that! Hokkien (Chinese dialect) call it Phak Chiau Bak (Direct translation to English, Shoot The Bird) (Cantonese, Tok Kai Ngan).

John : Oh I get it, in English it is known as squint (Strabismus).

Ah Beng : Oh, “squid”?

John : Ha Ha Ha, never mind Ah Beng, just bring me my coffee!

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Josephine said...

Phak Chiau Bak??
Pete, I got a fun tag for you, do check it out ya!

suituapui said...

Didn't know it's called that in Hokkien. We say "mata julin"...and I dunno if that is the standard Malay term or the local one.

mistipurple said...

must get this type of sharp shooters next time. :P

cleffairy said...

LOL... habis! Your American friend meet Ah Beng... lol... all cracked up! :-P

foongpc said...

Haha! : )

Scott said...

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Monica said...

LOL! this is so funny! :-D

Chris said...

oH.. Haha...i learnt 2 new words today, 1 in english, 1 in hokkien.

levian said...

the moral of the story, learn the correct english. haha.

Pete said...

Scott : thks for visiting

Monica : Ya lorr, my American friend do all sorts of funny things.

Chris : Better don't call a lady 'Pak Chiau Bak'. Then u will end up like my American friend lorrr. Ha hA

Levian : How to teach Ah Beng lorrr. LOL


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