Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fried Crispy Taugeh (Bean sprout) Recipe

I always cook this dish whenever I have leftover taugeh. Fried crispy taugeh is easy to prepare and tasty too. Ingredients Flour, ¼ bowl Rice Flour, ¼ bowl Water, 1 bowl Taugeh, ½ bowl Egg, 1 pc Prawn meat, 100gms, cut into large chunks Salt to taste Mix well all the ingredients. Heat up oil for frying in wok. Use a large spoon to scoop up the mixture and deep fry it in the oil. Taste good with chili sauce!


suituapui said...

Ooo...my daughter loves that. Add a bit of finely chopped long beans and prawns! Very messy though! Oil all over the kitchen!

Josephine said...

Never try this before. Is this something like chinese prawn cracker?

xin said...

nice recipe. i have eaten something like this before, but with other vege, not with taugeh

Bridge Schmidt said...

Hi Pete! I am also a lover of Bean Sprouts but never really thought of making a "pancake" look out of it, haha!

Now that you gave me the recipe, i'll try to make one exactly like your photo.

Sabien said...

thx for ur comment!! linked u :P

cleffairy said...

Hmm... these is called cucur, isn't it, Pete? I always make this... but mine is prawn and corns... yummy! Goes well with sweet kuah kacang too!

To Bridge... you have to control the fire when you're frying this delicacy... :-D Good luck.

mistipurple said...

i love this! flour is cake flour is it? then rice flour i know lah. but nowadays no teeth very hard to eat taugeh. pull long long if you know what i mean. but probably you don't. you've got teeth mah.

Pete said...

STP : Ya lorr, frying food will make the kitchen messy, but this is not as bad as frying fish leh.

Josephine : Like Chinese prawn cracker but with additional taugeh taste. Yummy

xin : Thks for visiting my blog. The vege one probably is Chinese Chives (kuchai). Taugeh smells nice after deep frying.

Bridge : Ha ha, this bean sprout pancake taste nice with chili sauce or tomato sauce. Happy frying.

Sabien : Thks for visiting my blog. I will link u up too. Cheers!

Cleff : Maybe can call mine cucur taugeh and your cucur jagung, ha ha! Mmmm, good suggestion, maybe I will try it with kuah kacang. Bridge, I do agree with Cleff, beansprout cooks very easily.

Misti : Can not be leh. I saw ur smiling pictures and your teeth all intact lorrr. Ha HA

New Kid on the Blog said...

never try this before.. this is new to me.

levian said...

this actually looks alluring. fried stuff!

Mommy to Chumsy said...


Pete said...

New kid : New but taste good. Love the burned taugeh smell

Levian : I can't resist fried stuff too. Ha ha!

Mommy : Ok lah, courier some to your. LOL


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