Monday, November 24, 2008

Bubur Gandum Gula Melaka (Wheat porridge with palm sugar) - Vegetarian

Early traces of Gandum (wheat, botany name Triticum spp.) cultivation were found in Turkey, Syria and Jordan. Today , wheat is the second most cultivated plant after corn. I cooked this sweet dessert during the weekend using Gula Melaka as the sweetener and it turns our real nice. Here is the recipe for Bubur Gandum Gula Melaka, tong sui (Wheat porridge with palm sugar).

Gandum (Wheat), 225gms
Santan (Coconut milk), from one coconut
Palm sugar, 2”x2”x3”, dilute in hot water and sieved
Water, 5 bowls
Pandan Leaves (Screw pine), 5 pcs
A dash of salt

Wash gandum and boil it in 5 bowls of water with pandan leaves until soft.
Add palm sugar and santan. Stir the mixture and bring to a boil. Add dash of salt. Your sweet dessert is ready! (You can add white sugar if the gandum is not sweet enough for you)


suituapui said...

Reminds me of "let tau suan"! Great with "eyew cha kwai"! LOL!!!

cleffairy said...

Ohh! I've been wanting this tong sui recipe! LOL... Pete is my walking foodie encyclopedia!

levian said...

reminds me of what suituapui mentioned as well. can never had too much of these kinda sweet stuff, it makes my head dizzy. haha.

foongpc said...

Oooh, I like this tong sui with gula melaka cos I love gula melaka! : )


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