Sunday, November 9, 2008

Authentic Penang Lobak (5 Spice Meat Rolls) Recipe

There are many versions of Lobak (Fried 5 spice meat rolls) recipes. You just need to modify the recipe to suit your taste buds. As long as your recipe has the basic ingredients like five spice powder, onions, meat and corn flour, you will not go wrong! I normally use a lot of carrots and turnips in my lobak because I feel that it is healthier to eat it this way.
Lean Pork, 1kg, cut into strips or blend
Carrots, 2 pcs, blend or cut in to small pieces
Turnips, 1 medium size, cut or blend into small pieces
Onions, 4pcs, cut or blend into small pieces
Garlic, 5pcs, cut or blend into small pieces
Five spice powder (Pok Aun Thong), 10 gms or 2 table spoons
Pepper, ½ teaspoon
Corn Flour or Hup Leong Flour, 8 table spoons
Egg, 1pc (optional)
Salt, to taste
2 pcs of Bean Curd Skins for wrapping the lobak (Tau Pueh) (make around 35pcs)
Mix all the ingredients together. Cut the bean curd skins into 8”x6”. Take around 4 table spoons of the mixed ingredients and put on to the bean curd skin and make into rolls. You can use corn flour glue (corn flour mixed with boiling water) to stick the edges so that the bean curd skins will stay in place when frying in hot oil. Deep fry the lobak rolls in hot oil until golden brown
Turnips (sengkuang), pork and onions
Carrots, Pok Aun Thong Five spice powder and bean curd sheet for wrapping the lobak

Ingredients all mixed up and ready for wrapping. The video below shows my daughter helping out to wrap the lobak.
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Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh this is my favourite!!! i just love lobak but haven't eaten it for a long time. fattening mah :(

Anonymous said...

Wah! Your daughter got help you wrap the lobak! When I was her age, my mom needs to threat me to help her in the kitchen!

Indrani said...

May be I can try this with slight variation.

Pete said...

Mommy : Ha ha, can use lean meat to make.

Cleff : My daughter loves to help me to cook. LOL

Indrani : You can use fish, tofu or chicken to replace of the pork.

Angie said...

i can print out for my mum ....
let's compare my mum 1 is more delicious or yours

Anonymous said...

I dunno how to make those. My wife does. She makes really really nice ones with a bit of prawns minced with the meat...but it looks like a lot of work, so not for me lah! We call it "ngor hiang" here which actually means 5-spice as in "ngor hiang hoon" (5-spice powder).

Anonymous said...

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HappySurfer said...

Yum! And you make it look so simple, Pete. Thanks.

levian said...

so carrot is in its ingredient. i never did make one, only knowing pork is in it. haha.

Josephine said...

hahaha! Whose hands are that? Look really smooth. Like SKII ads.

Pete said...

Angie : Ha Ha, let me know the result.

STP : Adding prawns will make the lobak taste even nicer. Same name for the 5 spice here, in Hokkien.

Garfield : Yay, thks for the award. Sure to paste it at my site. Thks

Happysurfer : Actually lobak quite easy to make.

levian : Some people will not add carrot in their lobak recipe.
They use only pork, onions, garlic and five spice powder.

Josephine : My daugher larr.....

Anonymous said...

Lobak with no lobak... LMAO....

Pete said...

Cleff : Ha Ha, actually not the vege 'lobak' suppose to be lor (starch from corn or tapioca flour) bak. LOL

Unknown said...

I was allured by the picture but unfortunately, I cant eat that (=.=)

Anonymous said...

sometimes i am wondering, y ppl din name it as Lo-Bak?

it is easier to recognize this way

Anonymous said...

If only my dad was a great cook like you, I would definitely not look anorexic now. :-(

foongpc said...

Oh, I'm too lazy to make this! Maybe you make it and I just eat : )

Pete said...

arc : Thks for dropping by my blog. Can replace it with other meat like chicken, prawn or beancurd.

Garfield : 'Loh' because of the starch used, like in loh mee.

cleff : Always slim, then look younger leh!

Monica said...

I love lobak too! well, I wish I can cook...LOL!